After some months ago, it is possible that your system running with windows xp is less faster then in the first days. You have installed a lot of software, deleted some, but some is still running in the shadows of your system. For normal users it’s sometimes not that easy to find and delete this kind of software.

But there is help. I found a really nice tool directly from microsoft which is showing you software which is not really necessary. And sometimes after some configuration settings your system runs again like in the first days.


Is showing you, which kind of programs are configured for system starts. Those programs are from the autorun-folder and also from registry entries like “Run”, “RunOnce” and others.



Using Autoruns

After you have downloaded and unpacked autoruns, you just start the autoruns.exe. The first view is a little bit confusing. But anyway, as a newbie you just have to concentrate on those topics under “Everything”:


Here you can see all programs which will be directly started during the whole starting process of windows. But for you not visible. Common programs which are installed and started at usual are  “Adobe Reader Speed Launcher“, “QuickTime Task” and maybe “SunJavaUpdateSched“. You can deactivated those three programs without worries.

For other programs, which are maybe a little bit more system specific, you should be a little bit more carefull. Read it slowly. Think about, if you installed this program by yourself and in case, if you use this program often. If you don’t have any idea what this program is about, let it be active. For all those programs you can also search them by different search engines over the web.

C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\All Users\Startmenü\Programme\Autostart

In this list are all programs which are also in the autoruns folder. In common, you can deactivate there all entries. Those programs are not that critical.

At least. Close autoruns. It saves the current status automatically. Restart your system and see the result. Have fun with it =))